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Once upon a time in Heaven
At the beginning of time, when the sky had not yet been appointed, when the Earth did not have a name yet.

At the beginning of time, when the sky had not yet been appointed, when the Earth did not have a name yet. When Abzu didn’t have created Heaven and Earth yet. When Chaos – Tiamat – was the mother of both, their sweet salty waters were still mixed. There were no fields, no swamps, there were no gods, no one wore a name and there were no destinations appointed. Then the gods were created in the middle of the sky.

Lahmu and Lahumu, centuries of timeless time passed, because time had not been created yet. It took an eternity before Anshar and Kisar were born; timeless time passed and the limits of the heavens and the Earth begat their children; Anu and Anshar and Anu and Nudimmud Anat,: abundant wisdom, extremely strong and without rivals. In this way the great gods were created.

I invite you to come with me on my journey to the origin and meaning of the Hieros Gamos. You inevitably will discover the magical meaning and application of the sacred marriage.

I guide you on a walk through this magical world: step in the ancient story of Elish Enumah and walk with me. I guide you through the origins, along the reasons towards the modern applications of the Hieros Gamos.

The story is the earliest known version of Genesis Enumah Elish. The Sumerian text was found in the library of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh. The story is described on seven clay tablets that tell you about the creation of the world by the god Marduk.

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Ina Cüsters-van Bergen


Magistra of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight ®, Third Degree Adept of the Western Mystery Tradition, line of Dion Fortune. Ina is the author of 'The Temple of High Magic ' and has an international name in  creating Temple Retreats and Temple Trainings. She combines archaic alchemical and magical techniques with modern methods such as Hypnosis, NLP, family constellations and systemical therapy.