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Do you want to step through the temple door, and experience what is behind?
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Visit the House of Light

Every month we come together. At the moment we step through the door of our common meeting place, we let go of the worries of the past weeks. Today it's time to recharge our batteries, we change our everyday clothes for rushing robes. We leave our worries behind us and emerge ourselves in the growing feeling of an ever deepening companionship. Together we light the Light: physically, because we put our candles on the altar, and spiritually because our hearts open wide, and love can flow freely.

Regularly someone knocks at the door. A visitor has arrived who asks the question: ‘Who are you and what are you doing exactly?’ Tea is ready, and together we sit at that round table with our visitor. We answer questions, we tell of our experiences.

We explain how we nurture this feeling in ourselves, how together we bring it to life, and carry it with us as a light in all situations in our lives. We tell how it enriches us and our environment!

Then suddenly it dawns on them, and the Light is lit: ' I have searched for you all my life, where were you? '

"We were always here, in all generations. We are still around. We're glad you have found us, because we are also looking for you. ‘Welcome dear companion, welcome in our House of Light '.

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen


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Price: EUR 85,00 / USD 120.00 / GPB 75.00





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