SOL reigns in its rogue elements - Watcher of the Dawn blog - 2013/07/12

click to read complete textJuly 12, 2013

SOL reigns in its rogue elements


SOL appears to have called off some of its rouge elements which have been running web attacks against former members.

Dutch Ina Cüsters-van Bergen left the Servants of the Light School to form her own temple of Starlight.  At the time it appeared to be done with the blessing of SOL’s director of studies Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.

However after a few months certain anonymous blogs appeared which attacked Cüsters-van Bergen claiming that, amongst other things, she was ripping of people who attended her courses.

The attacks apparently got so bad that Cüsters-van Bergen considered taking legal action against the perpetrators.  Soon it became clear that the person was not just interested in Cüsters-van Bergen but was also going for another SOL aluminate Andy Cooper.

It turns out that there was a cell within SOL that thought that Ashcroft-Nowicki would be pleased that they were getting at people who they assumed must be her enemies.  SOL has been a hotbed of political intrigue since the 1980s as people have vied for the attention of Ashcroft-Nowicki.

In this case they were sadly mistaken and Ashcroft-Nowicki has made it clear that their actions were not endorsed at all.

In a public statement Ashcroft-Nowicki hit out at the attack blog and obviously bore a grudge against Ina, and another SOL aluminate Andy Cooper.

"I wish to emphatically state that it does not in any way give a balanced or accurate view of either Ina or Andy or the Schools they head; nor does it tell the truth about recent SOL history.  It is a cowardly attack (the publisher of the blog hides behind a pseudonym)," wrote Ashcroft-Nowicki in her blog.

"The Temple of Starlight is not an SOL Daughter School and Ina Custers Vanbergen works independently of the SOL. Andy Cooper’s Helios School is an official SOL Daughter School and yet it also works independently of the SOL. Both schools have SOL roots and work in the Western Mystery Tradition according to their own curriculums that have evolved out of SOL training," she added.

It is good to see that SOL is taking a step and making sure that its students do not attack members of other schools in the hope of attracting their teacher’s attention.