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To all who read this

click to enlarge image, for more information see history-pageI am very happy to post this message. Since 2007 when the Temple of Starlight from an official SOL daughterschool (click on the picture and find us on the SOL website WayBack) developed into a completely independent school of the Western Mysteries (see: History) we have dealt with our own business, as should be the case. However we value our friends and our spiritual family, and we are really thankful for the statement Andy Cooper placed on his website recently.


His example has been followed by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. Thank you Dolores and Michael, I know how busy you are, that you took some time to publish this article on the SOL website! And thank you, members of the ARC council, for your help.


In Light



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An Important Message from the Director of Studies



To all Students, Supervisors and Magi,

Every week I receive requests to join some social network, Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter etc... I have avoided joining any networks, which I acknowledge are useful in some instances, because of the time they take up, but also because of the petty politics and public airing of ‘trash’ that goes on through such media.

I do not have a personal Facebook page yet an imposter has been presenting themselves as “Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki”, even using a photograph of me on the fake profile, that has not been removed even though I have complained.

Another internet phenomena is blogging, which seems to be as open to abuses as other social media formats.  Many blogs are helpful; however, some express potentially libellous material as well as being unhelpful or even damaging.

Ina Custers Van Bergen, the head of The Temple of Starlight based in the Netherlands, a former SOL Student, Magus and Supervisor (she supervised several people including Andy Cooper who went on to become the Director of Studies of the Helios School of Esoteric Training) is currently being attacked in a blog that is full of inaccuracies and which is written in a low and gossipy tone. The author of the blog, who obviously bears a grudge against Ina, and now Andy Cooper too, is expressing a lot of unhelpful emotion as well as publishing misrepresentations and influencing several other blogs that are seeking to damage Ina’s reputation.

I do not wish to link the SOL website with the blog mentioned above, by giving a direct reference to its name or by providing a hyperlink, and do not encourage SOL students to seek it out and read it. However, I mention it because I wish to emphatically state that it does not in any way give a balanced or accurate view of either Ina or Andy or the Schools they head; nor does it tell the truth about recent SOL history.  It is a cowardly attack (the publisher of the blog hides behind a pseudonym).

The Temple of Starlight is not an SOL Daughter School and Ina Custers Vanbergen works independently of the SOL. Andy Cooper’s Helios School is an official SOL Daughter School and yet it also works independently of the SOL. Both schools have SOL roots and work in the Western Mystery Tradition according to their own curriculums that have evolved out of SOL training.

In healthy families disagreements and differences of opinion can often strengthen relationships as well as helping children to find their own way in life. Families that are committed together work through differences. The Helios School and the Temple of Starlight are making their own way in the Great Work and the Mother School respects their efforts and will help to defend them as and when it is necessary, hence this statement.

In Light,

Dolores and Michael.