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From Dreamer to Visionary
Ina Custers van Bergen

Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+Starlight"I cannot work magic," says the manager. "I will teach you" says the magician. "I will teach you how to transform your dreams into reality. I will change your from a dreamer into a visionary."



Spirituality is often seen as an affair for stargazers and believers. When attempting to describe their spiritual experiences, most people don’t manage to say much more than 'I felt so good,' and when asked what exactly they learnt, are lost for words. The problem is a lack of knowledge about the techniques that caused the effects, an ignorance of the technical terms. Most people don’t have a clue how certain effects are caused, and do not realise that they are repeatable.


Hermetism, Training school for consciousness

A spiritual education is a training for the mind. Magical exercises are the sports for your brain. Instead of muscles you train your consciousness. In this way you can exercise your mind. Exercising your mind gives you conscious control of your feelings, your goals and your attitude. You moreover become receptive to the currents and changes which move in the deeper layers of your consciousness, and in your environment. With such extended awareness you can become a master of your own experiences. This is what Dion Fortune meant when she wrote;

'Magic is the art of causing changes in consciousness in accordance with will.'


Magical exercises give you an increasing amount of control over what comes into your life, and gradually enable you to realise very precise goals. There is nothing airy-fairy about a training in the Western Mystery Tradition. The training is based on a combination of archaic techniques and modern scientific research: it is a brain training.

Within our Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight you learn a broad spectrum of techniques. You learn to create a toolbox full of techniques that can be used to influence your own mind. Your emotions will gradually stabilise: you start to feel increasingly healthy and happy, and gradually gain control of what happens to you in your life.

For people who work in positions with a lot of stress and pressure, this training is a golden instrument.

Karia put it like this: 'In my job as a manager I have to make decisions under enormous pressure. In the Temple I learn to deal with things in a very relaxed way. I learn to observe the blueprint of situations in an atmosphere where there is no pressure to perform, no deadlines and no financial interests.'


Unique methods cause unique results

The specific methods of this tradition have their own impact. Mythology, rituals and magical exercises help you discover the basic patterns of human behaviour in yourself and your environment, also in situations of which you yourself are a part. You start recognising the matrix, the archetypical pattern of the situation. You learn to see the blueprint yourself. You see how the blueprint causes movements in the field of consciousness around you, in the world of the soul and of the unseen forces. This is why you are able to see the outcome of the pattern as a force field that unwinds itself.

All this enables you to act amidst stress, based on the blueprint, and to choose the right actions to cause the desired results in a natural and easy manner. You might start your spiritual training as a dreamer, but it will change you into a visionary.