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Books - Black Walnut Anthology part II




The Black Walnut Anthology part II has been released!

The Black Walnut Anthology is a featuring of Occult authors from all paths of the Old Religion.
It is of writings of those who follow a more Traditional path of the Old Religion as well as Traditional Astrology. We bring together those topics of Philosophy, Magic, Divination, Astrology, the Watchers and much more to bring those topics that have been forgotten about in the modern world of the new age and modern Wicca.
Ariana Clausen Velez wrote:
I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Shadow Feast Issue of the Black Walnut Anthology, the following persons made this project for Volume II a pleasure; Leo Louis Martello, Lori Bruno, Ina Cüsters-van Bergen, Anthony M. Bertolina, Jonathan Sousa, Ariana Clausen Velez, Wanda Pabon, Jonathan Flanery, Deborah Reidenbach, Lyn Prowse-Bishop (via submission on behalf of Susun S Weed), Nelson Enrique Maldonado Ramos, and Roxy Riou. Thank you everyone for your contributions.

You can order your copy at Amazon.com here:


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Thank you Ariana, for making this important book available for everyone!

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen