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Be still, a god speaks with a God
Scientific research to the benefits of meditation on the brain


One of the members of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight published this link to an online video on our forum. Although it was broadcasted by a Dutch television station, it is still interesting for our foreign readers, since much of the content is spoken in English. There are just a few scenes that are explained in Dutch. The link to this video is at the bottom of the article, it gave me the idea for this months’ article, I hope you enjoy it

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen


Heka! Egyptian Magic

The upcoming Temple Retreat is planned: in May 6-8 2011 the upcoming residential weekend workshop called ‘Heka! Egyptian Magic’ is planned. Ina Cüsters-van Bergen is specialised in Egyptian Magic and she has started designing a very special and intensive event for coming spring. Here you find the details of our next Temple Retreat coming Spring in the Netherlands Read more …

Here you find pictures and reviews of our latest Temple Retreat 'The Angels of the Halls of Heaven': to view these pictures read more … and even more here ....

Be still, a god speaks with a God ….

The results of the scientific investigations about the benefits of Mindfulness are of course very spectacular. They confirm the experiences that people have, who are doing the Solo Magical Training of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®. The difference between Mindfulness and the Solo Magical Training is that Mindfulness is stripped off its religious content. In the Solo Magical Training of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®, that religious content is an important tool that makes the system work at even deeper levels of the subconscious mind.

Personally, I consider it to be a strange habit of scientists to first 'clean' the method from its religious content. To my opinion those investigations are not completely scientific, because the scientists just skip one of the most crucial components from a system.

But to research meditation, and its effects on the brain scientifically, is really an enormous step forwards, since it makes us as human beings conscious of the possibility to train also the subconscious areas of the brain.

 What are the benefits of the so called religious content?

I myself am a practitioner of both eastern and western meditation systems for over 33 years. I have supervised the meditation processes of students of the Solo Magical Training, and other courses in the Western Mystery Tradition. These students wrote down their inner journeys in meditation diaries. To my opinion the religious content - the imagery - the Visions - the insights - the instructions from Inner Plane Teachers - the physical effects: are all linked to what I call the 'Matrix of Human Health': a network of interacting forces, developing us as persons, and developing humanity as a whole in the context of our social and natural environment. 

The Matrix of Human Health

In the long history, humanity as a species has dealt with all kinds of circumstances, varying from personal trauma’s to natural disasters. The reflexes about how to deal with as well the positive and the negative circumstances, are part of our neurological and hormonal makeup. They are organized as complexes of reactions in the subconscious mind. Partly these complexes are personal, they consist of reactions based on our own experiences. But a largely underestimated and an important part of these complexes, are the heritage of all the experiences of our ancestors: called the ‘Collective Unconsciousness’.

When a certain impulse triggers these ‘complexes’, small networks in the subconscious mind become active, and they activate strains of thinking, and of (often unconscious) behaviour. These ‘complexes’ in the brain were called ‘Archetypes’ by Jung, the ancients called them ‘Gods’ or ‘Angels’. 


Conversations with Divinity

When people experience their lives, they tend to suppress painful experiences to the subconscious mind. These experiences then become dissociated from the conscious mind and become active in the subconscious brain. Events in everyday life can become triggers to fire off this unconscious brain activity. Then painful events keep firing off automatic processes in our body and mind. Thoughts can get out of control and painful events are replayed continuously in the brain, like a little video: repeating all the painful details. When you are not able to deliberately shut off these process, and repair the damage, these processes can create an overall effect on the health of a person: it can lead to both physical and mental health issues.

Deep meditation gradually brings you to a state of mind, where you can call up those ‘matrixes of health’. Conversations with divine forces reset your entire system, to the original state of health. By doing this, these beneficial energies can wash through your entire system, and mental healing starts to occur, sometimes condensing into physical healing as well. The most obvious effects when happens, are a wave of vital energy, revitalising the entire system of body and mind, accompanied by feelings of ‘meaningfulness’, and experiences of synchronicity with exterior events.

Be still, a god speaks with a God …

Among the reasons these systems work, is not only the actual technique of concentrating the mind, but also the deliberate action of contacting the most beautiful and hale parts of our innermost being. When we do that we become aware of our innermost divine nature, and align ourselves with the divine nature of the reality we live in. The psychological attitude of surrendering to Divinity is a state of mind, that works as an important motor, for this internal process of resetting ourselves to the matrix of health. This state of mind induces important neurological and hormonal activity, that is necessary to create the ground for the other techniques to work even more efficiently.

In the ancient Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ the Magician identifies and unites himself with the God Horus. In this way he becomes one with solar consciousness. Then he starts his search for his deceased father Osiris, and enters into the Shadow world of the Duat. He meditates and states: ‘Be still, a god speaks with a God…’

Gnostism versus Religion

I completely understand the objections a lot of people against religion. People often fear that practicing religion means handing over your life into the hands of an autocratic priesthood, who takes charge of your life and judges your actions based on moral virtues they are not able to hold themselves.

The attitude of the ancient Egyptian Magician appeals more to me. This is a very ancient form of Gnosticism; contacting divinity by becoming more transparent to causal forces yourself. In other words, when you train yourself and align yourself with the Matrix of Health, you become more transparent to its blessings, and gradually develop into channel for divine forces yourself. Then you will benefit from all the blessings coming down from that matrix. You will gradually experience the divine forces yourself, and develop your own contacts.

This process is activated through meditation in the Solo Magical Training, and a systematic approach of between 15 and 30 minutes a day will start off a process that will increase in intensity over time. When you practice it regularly, it will bring you the personal experience of your Divinity Within and your alignment with Divinity Without.

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Becoming a member of the Order

Becoming a student of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight® means devoting 30 minutes a day of exercises of the Solo Magical Training, and writing those results down in a few lines. This intensive training will open your Inner Divinity, and gradually initiate you into our magical and meditation system. It will bring about in you, the hidden knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition. As a student of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight® you will also receive a discount for the weekend trainings, and have the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of supervisors: initiates who will act as your personal guide.

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Introduction to Egyptian Magic in London

As a prelude to the upcoming Temple Retreat 'Heka, Egyptian Magic', Ina has planned several introduction lectures and workshops.

Unifying the Two Lands

Magic formed the core of the ancient Egyptian society and their believe system. It was an indivisible part of their religion, and penetrated every angle of society. Heka (human magic) and Achu (divine magic) are closely related. Learn about the close connection between the forces of the Gods and the work of the magician on Earth, through Egyptian Mythology. …

by Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

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